Friday, September 01, 2006

Gotta Help the Critters

So, I'm doing something that I've not done since....oh, high school.

I think it's kind of a big deal.

I hope you'll think so too...

I'm doing the Walk For Farm Animals to benefit Farm Sanctuary.

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Farm Sanctuary is an organization that works to rescue animals from factory farms and raise awareness to help the millions of animals being hurt and killed on these farms every year. They have two rescue farms that you can just go and visit! How cool is that? One in northern California and the other in upstate New York. I would love to go and visit or, even better - volunteer, but it's just too far for me right now, so I'm doing this walk to raise money for them.

Why am I posting this on my blog that is supposed to be about feminist stuff? Well, the part of me that believes that women have rights (shocking, I know) is the same part that believes animals have rights too. I wrote about it here as well. I would like to live in a world where ALL living creatures are respected and treated with the dignity they deserve. To me factory farming is a symptom of the same societal disease that oppresses women or destroys our environment. It's all tied together.

This organization is just amazing too. I feel good about asking folks to support them. Honestly, I can't read more than a page or two of their rescue stories at a time without tearing up. Their story about Hilda, the first animal they rescued is both heart breaking and inspiring. She was a "downed" sheep they found left to die in a stockyard. One of the things that I just don't get about farm animals and people is the way we compartmentalize their suffering. I mean, we would be beyond outraged if we saw a dog or cat or horse being treated the way factory farm animals are treated every day. If a horse were left to die because it had been so abused and neglected that it could not stand up, we would call the SPCA, rush the animal to a vet and prosecute the owner for abuse. Not so if the animals is a sheep or cow.

So, if you have a few dollars you could spare, I think the animals would be really grateful for your help. You can go to my giving page here:

Michelle's Farm Sanctuary Giving Page

The site is totally safe and uses VeriSign technology to protect all your information.

Thank you for reading all of this. I hope we can all do a little bit to help these animals have better lives.

Nicodemus is helping me with the paperwork for the walk!

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He says he will be sitting in vigil at the window until the farm animals are as happy and healthy as he is.
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He will, however, be taking a break to play with his 100% vegan mousie every now and then! (his mommy likes to knit)
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Bridget said...

Count me in and I hope you raise a TON of money. I am heading to visit the one in NY at the end of this month. woo hoo.

And the look on Nicodemus face while he is doing the "paperwork" made me laugh out loud. He is one handsome boy.

meesh said...

Thanks Bridget!
Yeah, my Nic is quite a characer. I got him from a shelter over a year ago and now I just don't know how I lived without him. He's a nut. LOL

I hope you have a blast visiting the farm. I am soooo jealous! Be sure to take lots of pics. ;)

Marz said...

I'll be happy to write a check to support your efforts. I'll give it to you in person, if you don't mind. I am so proud of my vegan-feminist activist friend. I am honored to be your friend and to have known you for so long.


Vicki said...

Bless you. we have to be a voice for those that don't have one. 100% vegan mousie -- smart kittie!

trac said...

I hope we get a detailed walk report with lots of goofy pictures of you mugging for the camera :-)

Seriously, I think it is great what you are doing. When we are sitting in one of Ithaca's great vegetarian cafes, after spending that day at the New York Farm Sanctuary with the animals, we will drink a toast to you....all the way over on the opposite side of the country. Good luck and I hope you raise lots and lots of money for FS.

KleoPatra said...

Meesh, way to go, girl! Love Nicodemus's gettin' into it so playfully...

And Meesh, if i might write this: Your blog is about YOU... and you are more than just a feminist... more than an animal lover... more than a student... more than a thinker... more than a writer... you know what i mean?

I'll check out your FS giving page this weekend. I have been busy at work like crazy but will write you an e-mail back to yours (thanks!!!) this weekend as well!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Meesh. And i'm so proud of what you are doing to help the animals. It IS a big deal. Bless ewe :O)

Anonymous said...

I can't leave a comment under my blogger name.. grr, I sure hope they get this fixed soon.

You're doing a wonderful thing for the animals.

melody (

Ms. S said...

Meesh, you're an amazing person. I need your address so I can send my check.

I love how passionate you are about your causes. Thanks for educating your friends and those random folks who check you out on the world wide web.

Love and miss you tons! (Titan sends a big lick, too!)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I really like your blog and I think it's so wonderful that you are dong the farm sanctuary walk! I was just checking out farm sanctuary last night and really giving some serious thought as to when I could find the time to go volunteer for a few months. Wouldn't that be so much fun? Congrats on your first vegan cookbook. That's so awesome that you pulled off a total cruelty free dinner for your cooking party. I hope that the vegan think works out for you. :-)