Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Angry Dilbert?

What is up with Dilbert this week? Did Scott Adams break up with his girlfriend? Maybe he was just bloated and cranky the day he drew these. (ah-hem) Where does this sudden hostility towards women at the office come from?

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Ok, the first one from Saturday Sept. 9th is kind of funny. The observation that guys just wear whatever is up next in the laundry rotation while we have to run around matching shoes to handbags is funny 'cause it's true. I even get a bit of a nasty chuckle at the idea of the co-worker in question beating the crap out of poor little Dilbert for pointing out this gulf between men's and women's fashion obligations. I know I recently spent about a week's worth of lunch hours trying to find a pair of shoes for a pink bride's maid dress that, let's face it, nobody ever really saw. The guys? They rented tuxes and bought a pair of black shoes the day before the wedding. Bastards. Still, is society's demand that women's appearances are so much more critical then men's "nonsense". Hmmm....

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But the Sunday strip really irked me. "Success is the happy feeling you get between the time you do something and the time you tell a woman what you did." WTF?! To begin with Dilbert doesn't even know who he spoke with on the conference call (was it Bill, or Bob or...uhm....?) because he didn't bother to confirm the information. Sounds like the typical move of an incompetent mid-level employee of a soulless corporation to me.

So, when his female coworker points out that not only doesn't he know who to follow up with, but he doesn't know enough about his team members to know who not to give the job to, he gets all huffy. If this is like any of the office jobs I've had, chances are she's the one whose going to have to clean up the mess that he just created with his stupid delegation choice anyway. Of course, she's also only making 70 cents to the dollar that he is. Unless she's a single mom, then she's probably making 56 to 66 cents to his dollar. And who the heck does he have to support? Catbert?!

Seems to me his time would be better spent finding out who works in his office than bitching about his female coworkers to a dog employed at the Human Resources department. Doesn't he know that you never complain to HR about your fellow employees unless you have a resignation letter typed and a new job lined up? Has he learned nothing in his years at this comic strip? (sigh)

And what's up with that tie?


Anonymous said...

Your comments on this were so funny and so right on.

KleoPatra said...

Meesh, you are good. I don't read Dilbert, tho i am a huge fan of the comix (especially MUTTS and BIZARRO). I laughed so hard at your post. You rock.

And, Meesh, i want to thank you for your condolences about my friend that you posted on my blog. Really, really appreciate you taking time to write and that you care. It means a lot to me. Truly. :o)

Being a journalist often puts one in people's worlds that we never thought we'd get into... it was odd how she and i met and became fast friends, but that happens sometimes...

meesh said...

Awww..see you two are gonna make me blush. Thanks for the very supportive comments. :)

Kleo, I never really know what to say to someone when something like that happens. There just are no words for grief. I wish I could give you a real live hug. I'm glad that the words I sent offered a bit of understanding.

Marz, Darla and any non-betta folks - I've set things up so that you can leave a comment anon. Just say something like "hi, it's Marz" so I know which of my fabulous friends is commenting. :o) I think the folks at Blogger are working on making it so beta and non-beta can comment on each other's blogs.