Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy (sniffle) Holidays

Ugh, I'm sick.

I'm like lost-my-voice, feel-like-I'm-moving-in-slow-motion sick. This is not at all good.

I have one more final exam tonight in Art History. Then I have to finish my wrapping and last minute mailing of gifts and whatnot. After that, I will pack up everything I need to survive the weekend at my parent's house. This entails not only pajamas worthy of being worn on Christmas morning (a girl cannot be photographed opening gifts in just any ole thing) but a fair amount of groceries. Oh, and my cat.

I'm bringing egg replacer for baking, various tofus, silk soy nog (YUM!) and fixen's for a vegan main dish for Christmas dinner. I will not be eating any of the roast beef that is being planned. (ahem)

Then there is the issue with my poor kitty-boo. Nicodemus, the six toed wonder, will be coming along with me for the holiday weekend since I just moved and have no one to check in on him while I'm gone. I fully expect to spend the hour or so driving to my parent's house with a yowling box o' kitteh. I hope he forgives me fore this.

Even though there are quite a number of obstacles between myself and the festivities ahead, I still can't help being excited. I love Christmas time. I love getting to be with my family and spend time with my mom. I love getting to see friends and eating too much with them at Christmas parties. I just love the whole thing.
So, I hope all you wonderful bloggers have a great holiday season. You guys write some of the coolest stuff. Even though I have not been commenting much, I have been swinging by to read a bit before studying or wrapping etc. I can't wait to see what some of you are cooking for the holiday dinner.
Have a beautiful holiday!


Anonymous said...

Awwww, Nicodemus is adorable under the covers. Too cute! Sounds like you're well prepared for the visit with the fam. I hope you have a great time and a great holiday!

Marz said...

Poor kitteh - he's been so freaked out lately. What is a six-toed cat to do. The best part of the holiday is getting to play with my friends. So be sure to call and we will do some major hanging out. (Go to the mall, heh heh?)

And Good luck on the final!

Ms. S said...

Meesh, I was completely overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness and generosity. You are so amazing and I feel honored to call you my friend. I am very proud of you.

Lora_3 said...

Merry Christmas!

Be safe...

Cherry Red said...

I hope youre feeling better now Meesh. And I hope the kitty cat has forgiven you too.

bazu said...

I hope you're feeling better and had a fantastic new year, christmas, finals week, and everything else!

I feel for you traveling with your kitteh. I dragged my poor diabetic cat on all my holiday travels... and long story... let's just say she's now been to 10 states!

And, jeez, I also travelled with a suspicious amount of groceries. Coincidence? Damn the non-veg non-healthy world, making hobos out of all of us! ;-)