Sunday, August 20, 2006

Eatin' Vegan

Usually, my blog is dedicated to feminist issues and interests. I believe that I am just as worthy a person as any guy and I deserve to be treated as an equal. I also have this crazy idea that human animals are not the only creatures who have a right to live in peace on this planet. Yup. Go figure.

I recently committed myself to buying only cruelty free beauty products. I don't think little bunny rabbits and beagle puppies should have to suffer for me to have pretty eyeliner. (and yes, feminists wear eyeliner). ;p

Not long after, I started to think about what I was spending my money on at the grocery store. Did I really need to eat factory farmed meat? What was I supporting when I spent money on milk and eggs? The more I found out, the more I liked tofu scramble, soy milk and fresh veggies. So, these days I am trying for a mostly vegan menu at home.

Last week Marz, T3 and I had a little cooking party and made some loverly things. I was feeling pretty optimistic so, this weekend I bought my first vegan cookbook, Vive le Vegan by Dreena Burton. I've never really been much of a cook. I can bake like a pro, but cooking regular food always seemed kind of scary. When you bake, there are precise instructions to be followed. You put in the right amount of baking powder and flour and things turn out ok. Cooking is a lot more...well, free-form. I need my instructions.

I've found a lot of really cool vegan/vegetarian bloggers here that are so inspiring. After reading some of their posts (and drooling over their food pics!) and checking out some recipes on-line, I felt inspired enough to give this cooking thing a shot.

This cookbook is great. It has clear, easy to follow recipes and the food tastes great. No more bland steamed veggies! Hooray!

Here are pics of my very first vegan meal that I cooked all by myself. I did the Greek Basmati Rice (pg 94) and Lemon Herb Tofu (pg 65) and a salad. I loved getting to go shopping for my ingredients at the farmer's market this morning, too.

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Here's the tofu. This was my favorite part of the meal. The tofu really absorbed all the flavors and baked up nicely. Very tasty!

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And here is the Greek basmati rice. Yum! Next time I will remember to add the garlic (doh!) and maybe a little more water for the rice. But, even with my little mistakes, it turned out pretty good.

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All in all, I was pleased with my first attempt flying solo. I love that I had a great, flavorfull meal that didn't support factory farming. Thus, doing my little part to help ensure that this planet is around for future generations of little girls and boys who will treat each other with respect and get equal pay for equal work.

Hey, a girl can dream, right?


Marz said...

Mmm, okay, when are you having me over for dinner? Looks really good!

P.S. My verification word was mmumwh. Say that out loud.

Vicki said...

This is so GREAT! YOU are so great! Look at all this beautiful, delicious, cruelty-free food. I really want to try that tofu... which will really be something because I kinda have a tofu phobia -- I will overcome it someday soon. :o) You gotta try the Quinoa Spring Salad next!

KleoPatra said...

Meesh the marvelous. Lookin' good with the food. I'm happy for you with the choice to live as cruelty free as possible. Way to go, kiddo! Your creation truly looks as good as any of the food porn you have seen elsewhere! I'm drooling down here in Diego!

meesh said...

Awww, you guys are makin' me blush. :)

Marz, gurl, you are welcome to come over and nosh anytime!

Viki, thanks for the encouragement! If you're a little unsure of the tofu thing, I would totally recommend trying this recipe out. It's so yummy and easy.

Hi Kleopatra! I'm so glad you're back from vacation! I hope you had a nice week of escape time. Thanks for the "drool". :P

Urban Vegan said...

Congrats on your vegan meal--and on your recent decision to buy only cruelty-free. Great post.

The Lone Beader said...

Cruelty-free beauty products are a smart choice. I wish that more people made that choice.

Lora_3 said...

Thought I come check out your blog. Lone Beader said your not going to like my Chef Ramsay picture on my blog.

Thank you for the info on the Tom's toothpaste. That's really upsetting.

I'm going to put something for you on my blog.

Be safe...

madeinalaska said...

bravo on your new choices about going vegan! I Love dreenas viva le vegan! after cooking many of recipes i had to order everyday vegan .. it hasn't come yet .. but, man she is a kitchen goddess is she not?

trac said...

Hey! Found your blog through Kleo and the Lone Beader. Your food looks delicious and very ambitious for your first cooked vegan meal (I think mine was french fries and baked beans!)

It is a shame that more people don't recognize that our purchasing and consumption of goods and food is a very political act. We effect change by the farmers and companies we support.

Jackie said...

What a wonderful meal you had. My first vegan meal I remember was roast veggies on eggless pasta and I rather overdid the garlic. Nobody came near me for days :)

Don't know why people think our vegan meals are boring. Its so easy to make enjoyable meals and the cruelty free aspect adds to that enjoyment.