Saturday, May 31, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Different...

I'm growing a garden!

So far I have some very healthy tomato plants, a few struggling green beans, some very enthusiastic pea plants (that need something to grow up onto) and some pathetic little pepper plants that have been chewed to pieces by some unknown chompy bug. I'm going to try planting some corn plants in a sunny spot on the side of the house next and see what happens.

Oh, there is also one surviving baby carrot plant in a planter box on the side of the house. We started with six or so so, but they all died. I'm afraid to pick this thing and find one skinny pathetic carrot, so I keep putting it off.

Here are some pictures of my wee garden:

I'm really excited about the tomatoes. They seem to be coming along nicely and so far no aphids!

Ninja-The-Wonder-Hound guards the failing carrot plant in the lower right corner. Good dog!

Here's the little veggie patch. Beans in the front, peas in the middle and sad little peppers in the back. We trimmed back the trees last week so the garden will be getting more sun. Maybe that will miraculously heal the pepper plants.

Maybe I'll go to Osh and miraculously replace the little buggers with healthier plants.

Ninja sings to the plants to help them grow big and strong!

With any luck, after months and months of hard work and patience, I might have enough veg to make myself a salad. I shall keep you aprised of the progress of my produce.


Marz said...

yay! Congrats on your garden. Wait, is that weird? Any who, it is nice to see you blogging about again on a regular basis. XOXO

Ms. S said...

That's great! I wish that I could grow a garden, but my suggest with plants is nil. Keep up the good work. And give Ninja a pat. :)

Cherry Red said...

A garden! How wonderful. I've never had any luck with veggies or herbs. One CA heatvwave and I forget to water them once and they're goners. :)

I love Ninja! What an adorable dog. We had a white Akita with a pink nose and he reminds me of him. Give him a pat for me.

We want pix of the veggies at harvesting time.

Happy Friday,

Anonymous said...

yay garden! you are reminding me of my mom growing up.